American Eskimo Dog Temperament and Lifespan

The American Eskimo Dog has a winning appearance and personality, probably due to his clever, spunky, and vigorous nature. He is a wonderful watchdog, as he is naturally suspicious of strangers. These not very big dogs need to use opportunities to vent their energy regularly and use their minds. Otherwise, you risk getting a bored dog who will chew everything on his way and bark without a reason. A bored Eskimo may damage your home and yard. This strong-willed dog needs an experienced owner who can take responsibility of teaching and training him. He is easy to train because he is able to learn quickly. Don't leave this breed alone for too long to avoid symptoms of separation anxiety. Make a kennel for your Eskie with sturdy chew toys and hard treatments to keep him occupied when you are away. Those dogs live about 12 to 15 years.

How Much Does an American Eskimo Dog Cost and Price Range

The present cost of a well-bred purebred American Eskimo Dog seems to be about $1000-2000 today. Sometimes it can be a bit lower for a "pet quality" dog and often a bit higher for a "show dog". A well-bred puppy is worth it, otherwise you may need to pay a professional behaviorist to improve a lousy temperament of your ill-bred dog ($50-100+ per hour of private sessions). You may get an Eskimo from a rescue organization and face the same problems. A rescue dog will cost from $50 to $300 but usually he will be spayed/neutered and have all up to date on shots.

The purchase price of the dog is not the only money you will need to spend. Expenses over the dog's lifetime can be much higher about $500-1000 annually. During the first year of owning a dog you will need to spend money on the necessary equipment, initial shots, spay/neutering, as well as emergencies or health issues.

American Eskimo Dog Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

The American Eskimo Dog has a double, white and fluffy coat. The undercoat is dense and the outer coat is longer, usually straight without any waves. There is a ruff around the dog's neck. You can see feathering on his front and rear legs, as well as much longer fur on his tail. Eskies are most often pure white or cream. They shed a lot and need frequent brushing, otherwise your house will be covered with big amounts of fur. Brush him two or three times a week.

Despite white coloring, the Eskimo is easy to keep clean. This is mainly due to the oil produced by the dog's skin. It prevents dirt and dust from adhering to it. Those dogs do not have a doggie odor. Bathe your pet only once every couple of months to avoid skin problems. Eskies comes in three sizes: Toy, Miniature, and Standard which range from 9 to 19 inches tall. The weight ranges from pounds to 30 pounds.

American Eskimo Dog Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Perhaps it's his white fluffy coat, vivid personality, and intelligence which make the American Eskimo Dog a unique breed. These are primarily companion dogs, affectionate, cheerful, sometimes rowdy. They are independent thinkers with their own opinion of everything around them. They are good at obedience training, agility, tricks, conformation, and other dog sports. Eskies can even be involved in circus performances due to their talents, adorable looks and ability to show stunning tricks.